In an epic series of drag races, this muscle car is fierce as it goes head-to-head with a number of worthy opponents.

One of the finest types of motorsport is drag racing. It may also be said to be the ideal shape.

Two drivers competing fiercely in the quickest automobiles to discover who can win.

The Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube channel is one of the greatest locations to watch drag races,

and in this video, a Dodge Hellcat Redeye competes against a Roush supercharged Mustang, a Hellcat Challenger, and a Hellcat Charger.

Let The Drag Racing Commence The Redeye and the Roush Mustang compete in the opening races. 

Before starting down the 1/4-mile, the two vehicles try their best to warm up their tyres. Before the Mustang tries to close up, the Redeye obtains the better launch of the two.

However, it comes close, with the Redeye finishing the quarter-mile in 9.605 seconds and travelling at a speed of 140.58 mph, 

while the Mustang finished in 9.791 seconds and travelling at a high speed of 141.80 mph. Despite the Mustang's defeat, the race was still rather entertaining.

Facing Off Against More Competition The Mustang battles the Redeye in the second race, coming back for more. 

Although the Mustang had a stronger start in this second race, it is closely contested between the two vehicles.

However, the Redeye triumphs once again with a run of 141.139 mph compared to 141.36 mph and 

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