Dealerships frequently make headlines for enraging their clientele with exorbitant markups or painful apathy. 

Dodge is now concentrating on improving a less-discussed aspect of the car-buying process: 

uninformed salesmen. Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis stated in an interview with Automotive News that he wants his Power Broker dealers—

those that are permitted to offer warranty-maintaining, high-performance SRT parts—to be staffed with enthusiasts who like selling automobiles.

Based on how effectively they sold high-performance variations of Dodge vehicles like the Challenger Super Stock 

and Charger Hellcat, Dodge currently lists 100 dealers in 34 states as Power Brokers. 

For the purpose of continuing to sell the Direct Connection range of performance components, each of these dealers must complete extensive product-specific training.

A 200-question assessment with a 90% pass requirement was part of the training, according to one high-performance focused Dodge salesman who is a member of the programme. 

Despite the intense training given to salesmen, dealers themselves won't change, according to Kuniskis.

"Guess whose responsibility it is if I tell the dealer, "You have to have this piece of carpet on the floor, 

you have to have that sign on the wall, that sign up there," and then all of a sudden the programme doesn't seem valuable? I own it." said Kuniskis.

It's an interesting departure from other automaker strategies in a time of increasing electrification.

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