The Dodge Charger's heritage, ancestry, and tradition were honoured in the creation of the King Daytona. 

The 2023 Dodge Charger King Daytona may trace its racing heritage to William "Big Willie" Robinson, 

a well-known character in the West Coast drag-racing scene throughout the 1960s and 1970s. 

The Charger has a lengthy history of racing, so it should come as no surprise. 

The name of this limited edition car comes from Robinson's nickname for his specific charger model: "King Daytona."

In his day, Robinson utilised his car to ensure that racers stayed off the streets and win awards both on and off the track. 

Dodge wanted to celebrate the history and heritage of the Dodge Charger before they eventually abandon the legendary model, 

so they named the special edition after Robinson due to his prominence and contributions to Charger history as well as the legacy of his car.

Popular Colors Make A Comeback In The King Daytona

Dodge has chosen to bring back three exterior colours for the introduction of the "Last Call" models: B5 Blue, Plum Crazy Purple, and Sublime Green. 

Furthermore, Dodge brought back Destroyer Grey, a more recent shade that is nevertheless evocative of the car's past. 

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