Find out whether more horsepower alone in the SRT Demon translates into a better muscle car option over the Hellcat.

Horace and John Dodge, who started the Dodge Motor Company in 1903, could never have envisaged what their business would develop into a century later. 

Since Dodge was one of the main providers of automobiles to the military starting in 1916, it quickly became the go-to vehicle for virtuous Americans.

Dodge began producing muscle vehicles in the 1960s to provide aficionados with some of the sexiest Mopars ever. 

Due to its outstanding goods and long-standing patriotic heritage, Dodge has gained even more popularity since then and has a devoted following.

Throughout the course of its production history, the Challenger has seen its fair share of ups and downs. 

Before the Challenger went on to become the success it is today, Dodge even twice cancelled the model. 

Using the body language of the first generation muscle automobile served as the current generation's calling card.

The SRT Hellcat, one of the most potent production cars to come with a price tag under $100,000,  ....

is just one example of the enormous engines that Dodge engineers have developed that create crazy power outputs.

Retro styling and power is the selling point for the Challenger. But with immensely powerful models such as the SRT Hellcat and Demon, is more horsepower truly better?

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