The full-size pickup truck market offers a wide range of possibilities. 

The Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra are two of the most well-liked trucks in their category. 

Since General Motors produces both vehicles, they have a lot in common.

In actuality, they are regarded as mechanical twins and both were originally made available in the same year. 

However, everyone has their own preferences just as with any truck. Let's look at the real number of variances between these two trucks.

The Silverado and Sierra’s exteriors are hugely different

The external styling of the 2019 Sierra and 2019 Silverado is the most evident distinction between them. 

The Sierra includes several features that give it the appearance of the more expensive vehicle, which is what GM desired. 

In comparison to the Silverado, it has more chrome, more details, and is usually regarded as having a more upscale look.

Additionally, the Sierra has an optional MultiPro tailgate that can be configured into six various positions, including stairs, 

a cutaway for easy access to the bed, and an option for a loading ramp.

There are other cabin configurations for the Sierra and Silverado as well. 

The Silverado comes in single, extended crew, and crew cab variations. Only the extended crew cab or crew cab versions of the Sierra are offered.