The difference between dark and light interiors might not be as substantial as you think

A popular misconception is that if you live in a warmer region, you should choose a lighter interior 

when purchasing a car since a lighter inside will assist in reflecting UV rays and keep you cooler. 

But by how much are dark rooms hotter than bright rooms?

According to Mike Monticello, CR's road-test manager, "Consumer Reports' test engineers took two cars—one with a light exterior and light inside,

and the other with a dark exterior and dark interior—and parked them both outdoors."

"The starting temperature in both autos was 78 degrees Fahrenheit. They both reached over 100° F in an hour. 

There was a little increase in temperature in the darker automobile, but it was minimal. 

Consider how hot these automobiles would get for much longer periods of time because that was only after an hour.

Although a light-colored interior will be a little bit cooler, when the temperature inside exceeds 100° F, it's still quite hot. 

Even when it's not the height of summer, a car may get dangerously hot. Parents and pet owners should be aware of this.