Dodge says rumors to the contrary are incorrect.

We are aware that internal combustion engines will ultimately give way to electric automobiles. 

Some automakers are transitioning more quickly than others, but Dodge continues to be a refuge for abundant V8 power. 

That will alter when the new Charger and Challenger models are released, despite recent speculations to the contrary.

A spokeswoman for Dodge confirmed in an email to that the next-generation platform will be devoid of all internal combustion engines in addition to the Hemi V8. 

The email exchange was sparked by a MotorTrend article that claimed the Hemi will be back in the next Charger and Challenger models. In actuality, it will be entirely electric.

The spokeswoman declared, "The story is false. "Both the Hemi and the platform on which it was located are leaving. The BEV generation is coming."

The LX, Chrysler's full-size, rear-wheel-drive architecture from 2005, is the in question platform. 

In order to accommodate V6 and V8 engines and the eight-speed automatic transmission, 

the current models employ updated variants of the platform, designated LD for the Charger and LA for the Challenger.

It is well known that Dodge is developing a brand-new electric muscle vehicle.

It was announced last year and is anticipated to make its concept debut soon. 

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