While waiting for the new Chevy Electric Corvette, Artist Rostislav Prokop's new E-Ray render combines the best of the Stingray and Z06.

The talented Instagram user @rostislav prokop is back with another eye-catching 3D-rendered footage of an E-Corvette. 

Chevy fans have a great representation of what the next electric Corvette may look like 

thanks to design influences from the 2023 Chevrolet Stingray and the forthcoming Z06.

When GM President Mark Reuss was interviewed on CNBC, the electric Chevrolet Corvette became a reality. 

Whether the electrified Corvette would be a plug-in hybrid or a normal hybrid car is only hinted at by this name.

Additionally, the GM President made it quite apparent that the Chevy Corvette would be available in an all-electric form. 

They are also being fast-tracked for launches as early as 2023. 

Now that everything is energised, let's look at this unique HotCars rendering.

This Electric Corvette Takes Inspiration From The 2023 Stingray And Z06

This rendering appears as authentic as it possibly can thanks to Chevy's well-known racing yellow hue. 

Anyone who views it could mistakenly think it's an official release.