Cost was no factor and no expense was spared in restoring and modifying this classic American muscle car.

Gaston Rossato and Renzo Rossato spent every penny on a 1968 Dodge Charger R/elegant T's RestoMod in episode 1 of season 8 of their YouTube auto series.

The secret was to cut no corners, according to the automakers, who claimed to have a stack of receipts on hand to astound the audience. 

Some of the amenities in the Dodge Charger aren't usually present in a 1968 Charger or an older Charger, for that matter. 

The motorheads didn't want to drive their automobile in the South Florida rain because the vehicle was a rotisserie restoration. 

Consequently, spectators were unable to experience the HEMI engine's power or realise how dirty it was.

A True Muscle Car Due to its position as a muscle car, the vehicle had a built-in amount of power. Since power is a hallmark of muscle vehicles, the Charger sports a 426 HEMI. 

But with this model, the surprises didn't end there. It had a stroker engine and was a resto-mod vehicle.

The price of the renovations was astronomical—$100,000. Some repairs included headers with thermal barriers, high torque adjustable starters, 

stainless steel oil dipsticks, Edelbrock Hemi twin intake manifolds, engine lifters, seals, and performance camshaft hydraulic rollers. 

The power produced is unclear because the automakers lacked a dyno, but it was nonetheless amazing given the car's outrageously loud sound.

There were certain things in this car that were not easily found in the typical restomods.

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