The itsjusta6 YouTube channel pits a 1,100-hp twin-turbo Shelby GT350 against a GT500 with 1,300 hp and the results are truly impressive.

Despite Carroll Shelby's passing in 2012, his name and brand are still present in a number of Ford products that push the envelope of performance. 

Some enthusiasts, though, seek to increase that performance.

To determine whether Ford Shelby Mustang is quicker and can eventually beat the other in a street race, 

YouTube channel itsjusta6 puts two extremely fast Ford Mustangs through their paces. 

A 1,100 horsepower Shelby GT500 and a 1,300 horsepower twin-turbo Shelby GT350 are the two pony cars. 

See how these two quick Fords compete in the video to find out which one is eventually faster.

Sibling Rivalry: GT350 Vs GT500 A red, dual-clutch Ford GT500 will compete against a bespoke, 6-speed manual, grey camouflage-colored Ford GT350. 

Before putting the vehicles on the road to see which is the quicker Ford, 

they make a few adjustments to the GT350's spark plugs and load both with the same fuel to ensure that none has an advantage based on fuel grade. 

It's time to start driving now that the spark plugs are ready and both vehicles are fueled.

They play around with the performance aspects of both automobiles, which are different since they have various types of gearboxes, while they drive along a highway.

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