The Lightning electric truck can certainly charge a Tesla, and it even comes with the compatible adaptor, but will it drive?

Let's imagine that you are using the Ford F-150 Lightning to charge another EV. 

Maybe you're also using the job site to charge some power equipment.

It might not even be that complicated. While camping, you may just plug in a radio or a light. 

You'd think the electric truck wouldn't let you just drive away in any of these scenarios.

You probably already know if you own an electric vehicle that you generally cannot drive one while it is charging. 

But over the years, we've seen evidence of that happening, and it's never been appealing. 

Fortunately, you can usually not even move the car from Park while it is plugged in.

The concept is the same, even though the circumstances in the brief film above are slightly different. 

It's probably not a good idea to drive away if the Ford F-150 Lightning has any of its plugs occupied, 

and the truck shouldn't instantly permit it, especially if the frunk and/or tailgate are also open.

There would be certain exclusions, though. The electric pickup truck shouldn't become unusable if you have a gadget charging in the bed while travelling.