The Mach-E is Ford’s first big foray into the EV world, and in that regard, not entirely unsuccessful.

The Mach-E offers solid range (247 miles or 224 miles with AWD), 

and decent performance (266 to 480 hp and up to 428 lb-ft of torque. Not bad!

However, Tesla has been the predominant force in that space for the past decade, 

and all other manufacturers, Ford included, are now playing catch-up.

One of Tesla’s biggest selling points is it’s supercharger network, something Ford cannot offer yet. 

Tesla’s are heavily congregated in major urban regions, which reflects it’s customer base of largely younger residents of larger towns and cities. 

Coincidentally, these areas also have the most infrastructure to support EVs.

Many of Ford’s current customers may be hesitant or uninterested in purchasing a Mach-E because, as members of different demographic groups, 

they do not have access to nearly as much infrastructure or simply have different needs better suited to traditional gasoline-powered cars.

In the coming years, we should see much more competition for Tesla, both from the traditional American Big 3, and the foreign powerhouses.