The brand-new Corvette Z06 has been on the market for over seven months. 

We know Corvette aficionados must be leaping out of their skin at this point since we are so close to tasting it in person that we can nearly taste it.

We provide a Z06 film with sights and sounds to calm your soul's need for horsepower since patience is a virtue. Or even aggravate the urge.

The C8 Z06 has undoubtedly been viewed from a variety of perspectives, both inside and out. 

We've heard it too, but National Corvette Museum annual event NCM Bash gave YouTuber and Instagrammer Byron Glover Jr. (@drive615) the chance to take a closer look.

Chevrolet sent many C8 cars to the event, including a 70th Anniversary variant with distinctive wheels and badging. 

The silver Z06 seen in the video above that revs a couple times for the camera piques our curiosity (and we guess yours as well). At that time, the video ought to begin.

The next 16 minutes of the video consist of tours of various new 'Vettes on display during the party, . 

including the 70th Anniversary model described earlier and a sporty Z06 convertible

To review, the side intakes and center-exit exhaust are the most noticeable of the Z06's many cosmetic and 

aerodynamic improvements over the Stingray. Additional Z06-specific features include a front fascia and modest to crazy rear spoilers,

which vary according on the options package.

Of course, the LT6 V8 is really what has everyone all fired up.