Built Vs Bought: Fire-Spitting Volkswagen Golf Goes Up Against A Dodge Challenger Hellcat

As well as other drag races involving Chevy pickup trucks and sports cars, find out if this built hot hatch has what it takes against the muscle car.

There have been several drag races. Import versus domestic and old against new are common contrasts.

We don't often get to witness the best of the made group, like a fire-breathing Volkswagen Golf with enough power to properly utilise its wheelie bar, 

versus the best of the purchased group, like a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. We now know what a race like that would entail thanks to the Wheels YouTube channel.

A Hellcat Of A Golf It's not every day that a Hellcat faces up against a vehicle that can really breathe fire, but that's exactly what happens in our first race. 

At the 40-second point in the video, the two jump off the line, but the Challenger is the undisputed winner by a bumper's length. 

The purchased Challenger wins the race with a timing of 10.41 seconds and 133.76 mph, 

while the manufactured Volkswagen Golf receives a 10.59 second pass at 131.69 mph. 

The race continues with this constant bumper length rising between the two.

With such a close time, the two decide to race again, 

and when the Volkswagen breaks down and comes to a halt in the middle of the race, the Challenger once again wins by default.

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