Kia called the "sudden change" in EV tax policy "very disruptive to our business and unfortunately for our customers."

The Inflation Reduction Act is drawing criticism from an increasing number of automakers, 

but there isn't much they can do about it since the tax, health, and environment package passed the House of Representatives on August 12.

The US President Joe Biden's signature, which the White House said would arrive this week, is now all that is needed for the measure to become law.

The European Union, South Korea, and numerous manufacturers have criticised the Inflation Reduction Act  ..

for prohibiting the use of tax incentives for any electric vehicles built outside of North America.

When Biden signs the Act, consumers who have contracts in place for automobiles that have not yet been delivered are eligible for the previous federal tax incentives.

The new tax credit rules, however, take effect right away once the President signs it, giving US EV reservation holders of impacted vehicles only days,

if not hours, to sign legally binding contracts with automakers.

After President Biden approves the $430 billion measure, Audi of America, Kia, and Porsche warned that Americans  ..

who purchase their electric vehicles will no longer be eligible for federal tax credits of up to $7,500.

Only its plug-in hybrid vehicles would continue to qualify for the current government subsidy for the remainder of the year, 

according to Audi, which added that the legislation "will have severe impact for our company and our consumers."

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