APPLE has issued a warning for millions of iPhone users, leaving many wondering when a fix is going to be in place.

The lack of a noise cancelling capability for phone conversations is now a weird problem that affects all iPhone 13 models.

The issue was raised in a Reddit thread that quickly gained popularity.

Why has noise cancelling been removed from Apple's iPhone 13 (Mini/Pro) models gotten no attention? read the thread's title on the r/apple forum.

"The front microphone on iPhone models 12 and below is utilised for noise reduction. 

You may find the setting under Accessibility -> Audio/Visual. The iPhone 13 is devoid of it. Absolutely no noise cancellation. The original poster wrote.

It's a telephone! The most fundamental function is to make phone calls.

I initially believed that my iPhone was broken, however it appears that Apple deliberately disabled this capability for some reason.

The commenter said that they even went to an Apple shop about the issue and that an employee at the Genius bar seemed startled.

“Apple support verified that Apple engineers are working on it. 

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