The most popular vehicles on the road aren't always the most exciting ones to drive. 

Most mass-produced vehicles are reasonably priced, dependable, and not much else. 

That is why the Honda Civic is so fascinating. It's the sixth-best-selling automobile of all time, and there are many interesting things to say about it.

The Civic is genuinely a one-size-fits-all vehicle. It's a cheap-to-maintain runabout that can be relied upon for many years for the practical, frugal driver. 

A car that is simple to alter and has nearly endless performance potential is like a blank canvas to a gearhead. 

And for everyone else in between, you're probably looking for just the right thing.

As a result, whether you own, have owned, or know someone who does, you presumably have good recollections of the vehicle that made Honda famous. 

Even if you are a Honda Civic enthusiast, there's a good chance you are unaware of these fascinating details.

1. It saved Honda Honda had a solid reputation as a maker of motorcycles in the 1960s.

It started producing vehicles in 1963, although technologically speaking, they were more similar to motorbikes than standard automobiles. 

The little N600 was the first Honda vehicle offered in the United States; nonetheless, it was largely unpopular outside of the West Coast.

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