It's very simple - the Hornet could steal sales from the Tonale.

Dodge referred to the brand-new Hornet as the "quickest, fastest, 

most powerful small utility vehicle under $30,000" when it made the formal announcement of it earlier this month. 

Although another member of the large Stellantis family is reportedly not quite pleased with the debut of the new product, 

the American company is especially proud of its first new model in ten years.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale, on which the Hornet is mainly based, shares numerous body, engine, suspension, and interior components with the Hornet. 

According to The Drive, Alfa Romeo is unhappy because Dodge completed practically all of the work and only needed to add a new badge and

new bumpers to launch the Hornet and undercut the Tonale's pricing. The crossover was originally largely an Alfa Romeo project.

Dodge saw the Tonale as an opportunity to create a compliant vehicle—their Aston Martin Cygnet moment, if you will. 

On the basis of anonymity, a source within Stellantis told the magazine, "Suffice it to say, internal politics won the day and 

Dodge needed to increase their CAFE statistics, therefore Hornet was created.

Despite being almost identical, the two crossovers are situated in various price ranges within the tiny crossover market. 

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