The wheels and exhaust tips on the test vehicle are very similar to the current Mach 1.

The next Ford Mustang of the seventh generation will still have a V8 engine under the hood.

Above the GT, special features and more powerful versions are practically certain, although it is yet unclear what those models would look like. 

A Mach 1 may be among them, according to recent spy images from Dearborn.

One prototype, which is heavily camouflaged and has a hostile appearance, was discovered on the street. 

It has never been seen with these wheels and tyres, and the large quad exhaust outlets at the back are clearly visible. 

By itself, we wouldn't necessarily consider Mach 1 since, with the exception of the second-generation Mustang II, it has always been a limited-run trim.

However, because a new Mach 1 was captured after this specific prototype, 

we can't help but see parallels in the tyre width and exhaust finishers. Large brakes may also be seen behind the front wheels.

The prototype, however, doesn't seem to feature a sizable Mach 1 spoiler on the decklid. 

Moving forward, the hood and front fascia resemble earlier spy images that, in our opinion, depict a GT prototype. 

The Mach 1 comes with a large wing and a noticeable chin spoiler in Premium trim, while the base model does without them for a more understated look.

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