An Uber driver who recently purchased a new Tesla and offered his opinions on travelling 120,000 miles annually and purchasing a new Tesla.

Dobson, a buddy of Kim Java's who logs more over 300 miles per day, six days per week, was the subject of the interview. 

He has been driving his Toyota Camry for the most of the last ten years.

His monthly expenses for petrol and car upkeep are $2,000 total. 

He has to replace his oil every two weeks and pump petrol every other day. But that's about to change.

DOBSON GETS A TESLA Dobson and Kim's family first met when Kim needed to use Uber for a number of journeys.

She had been urging him to get a Tesla for years.

Dobson would at the very least save what he was spending on maintenance because electric cars don't need petrol or oil changes.

Dobson mentioned that he spoke with Kim's husband, PJ, around five years ago.

The amusing part is that he always checks the mileage on my car when he gets in.

Dobson's automobile has logged so many kilometres that, according to PJ, he could have travelled to and from the moon.