Dodge has revealed its first brand-new product in ten years, touting it as the most powerful SUV under $30,000

Small SUV production is increasing, and most of them are designed to fit in tight locations or on tight budgets. 

Few vehicles are designed for passionate driving, and even fewer have goals for sports hybrid drivetrains. 

The newest Dodge model is a CUV that comes in two flavours to appeal to a variety of small crossover buyers. 

The Hornet brand is making a comeback on a subcompact SUV from Dodge. Nevertheless, it marks the end of two muscle cars as we know them.

As the brand's first compact SUV and plug-in hybrid, the Hornet will replace the midsize Durango SUV in Dodge's current range. 

The all-new 2023 Dodge Hornet hopes to draw in more buyers without the hefty HEMI. 

The Alfa Romeo Tonale and the 2023 Dodge Hornet are built on the same chassis. But from the aesthetics to the engine, Hornet has far more Dodge Identity. 

The PHEV G/T model will be on sale in late 2022, while the gas-powered GT version will make its debut in early 2023. Let's examine these new models in more detail.

Fastest Budget SUV For Gearheads: The Hornet GT

Dodge claims that the Brotherhood of Muscle gains a new entry thanks to the Hornet. R/T and GT are the two primary trim levels offered by Dodge. 

The GT, according to the carmaker, is the fastest and most powerful SUV under $30,000.

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