8 Reasons Why We Prefer The Dodge Viper To The Corvette (2 Reasons Why The Corvette Survived)

While the two have had head-to-head showdowns over the years, there are more than just a few reasons we still marvel at the Viper.

The Dodge Viper and the Chevrolet Corvette both have their own special place in the hearts of American muscle enthusiasts. 

Despite several head-to-head contests between the two (particularly the most recent Viper vs the Corvette Z06), the Dodge's storied existence came to an end in 2017.

The 99% of us who do not live in a culture where money is widely flaunted might sometimes overlook the infinite debt certain celebrities incur in order to depict a particular lifestyle. 

The Viper's reputation for madness, which has grown since its inception in the 1990s, is what eventually prevented Chrysler from going bankrupt.

The fans have engaged in conflict regarding which vehicle is ultimately superior, much like the track races.

We choose the Viper due to a variety of factors, including its sporting heritage, gorgeous appearance, and the unpolished nature of its engineering. 

The Chevy Corvette is superior to the Viper in many ways, yet no automobile is perfect. 

Here are eight arguments in favour of the Viper and two in favour of the Corvette as the only survivor.

1). A No-Nonsense Sports Car With a Viper, the early production comfort was always offset by the power.

The Viper needs a resurrection for a number of reasons, including its timeless appeal. 

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