Despite Dodge's improvements with the Challenger, you can do more and unleash the beast with these mods.

In 1969, Dodge unveiled the Challenger. It was developed in opposition to Ford's Mercury series of automobiles. 

Dodge made careful to provide the Challenger a choice of more potent engines to accomplish this. 

The Challenger is currently one of the most popular muscle vehicles.

Dodge upgraded the Challenger's chassis dynamics and technology. This eventually compelled the DNA of the Mustang and Camaro to undergo certain alterations. 

Dodge has improved the appearance and added more power to the Challenger with only minor changes. 

Here are some further adjustments you may make to your Challenger to render it invincible.

1). Consider: Big Brake Kit Make sure your Challenger can stop when you need it to if you intend to boost its power. 

The Dodge brakes that come standard are adequate but might not be able to withstand a significant boost in power. 

One modification you may do to counteract this is to replace the brake pads.

Consider getting your Challenger a large brake package if you want to take it a step further. 

Dedicated drivers can push their Challenger on the track without tiring or overheating thanks to performance brakes.

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