Just a few days after being on exhibit at Tesla's Cyber Rodeo, the new Tesla Cybertruck is back in the headlines. 

This is due to several improvements that have been made, some of which are excellent while others may leave you perplexed.

The Tesla Cybertruck's most recent changes may make you love it or loathe it, depending on how you feel about it now.

5. The updated Tesla truck lacks door handles

It may seem odd that a car wouldn't have door handles since how else would you get in? But considering the Tesla Cybertruck, maybe it should be expected.

4. The Cybertruck appears to have a roll bar MotorTrend notes that although a roll bar is plainly visible in the Cyber Rodeo video 

when the Cybertruck door is open, it may be part of the setup while the Tesla Cybertruck is being tested.

3. The tires have changed The Tesla Cybertruck originally featured enormous tyres that resembled those of a science-fiction spacecraft, which is what the Tesla truck is.

2. The Tesla yoke steering wheel is prominent

Okay, so we all knew that the yoke steering wheel was bound to be on the Tesla Cybertruck – Elon Musk loves the thing, after all.

1. The windshield wiper is indeed a single blade The Tesla Cybertruck windshield wiper has been the talk of the town lately,