In the market for American performance cars, the Dodge Charger fills an odd niche. 

It offers an intelligent V6 and optional all-wheel drive in addition to being the unquestioned maximum horsepower choice for sedan enthusiasts (AWD). 

Before you take the keys to a new Charger, there are a few small problems you should take into account. 

Here are three reasons to choose another vehicle over the 2022 Dodge Charger.

If you want an AWD V8 sedan, you should avoid the 2022 Dodge Charger

The classic muscle vehicle has a variety of supercharged V8 engines, but none of them are available with all-wheel drive. 

A Charger with a supercharged 6.2L Hellcat engine would be able to launch really forcefully, so that is a real bummer.

Instead, buyers of cars continue to receive one of the world's quickest gas-powered sedans. 

While the 5.7L and 6.4L V8 engines in the R/T and Scat Pack are strong, the Hellcat segment is where things really heat up.

The 6.2L supercharged Hellcat V8s can produce 717 horsepower up to 797 horsepower with the absurdly potent Redeye. 

The roughly 800 horsepower Redeye tested by Car and Driver reached 60 mph in in 3.5 seconds. Even so, the idea of an AWD V8 Charger road rocket is intriguing.

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