When will the Tesla Cybertruck be available? With no end in sight, customers have been waiting for the Cybertruck for more than two years. 

After recent remarks made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the electric pickup truck is unmistakably on the back burner. 

Here's why it's taking so long to get the Cybertruck and why it's probably worth holding up for Tesla's first electric pickup.

The Tesla Cybertruck is delayed because of the company’s success, and that’s a good thing for the truck

No, Elon is not behind schedule with the Cybertruck because he is constructing a colony in space or tweeting to increase the value of cryptocurrencies. 

The popularity of other Tesla EVs is one of the numerous factors that have caused the Cybertruck to be delayed. 

According to CNBC, Tesla's current goals do not include the creation of additional EVs.

In order to fulfil the present demand for EVs and create new models like the Cybertruck, the manufacturer does not have enough parts. 

The carmaker has thus decided to delay the Cybertruck in order to prevent a worsening of the supply situation. 

The bulk of new electric car sales in America are of Tesla EVs. The demand for EV battery components like lithium and cobalt increases as the firm sells more cars.

Tesla chooses not to produce the Cybertruck now, and that’s because more consumers are buying Teslas in the United States.