Hyundai’s new EV has futuristic touches that make the Tesla seem a bit outdated.

Inform me of my errors. Already, the Hyundai Ioniq 6 is more stylish than the Model 3 from Tesla.

The key is to examine both inside and outside. Tesla TSLA, -2.05% car designs are ageing quickly.

The Model S and later the Model 3 previously appeared exquisite in their simplicity, but today they appear uninteresting and plain. 

The Ioniq 6's worst flaw is that it resembles a futuristic Hyundai Sonata (HYMTF, -1.85%). 

Nevertheless, I believe the Sonata to be a stylish sedan by today's standards.

1). Bold look The Prophecy Concept EV demonstrates how similar the Ioniq 6's appearance is to that of a concept car. The Ioniq 6 has a somewhat daring precursor.

But more isn’t always more, Hyundai’s Ioniq 6 has a simple look too, yet there’s more detail to offset that simplicity.

2). Design details As an electric vehicle, the Hyundai Ioniq 6 depends on the coefficient of drag (Cd). 

In essence, a car's Cd value describes how effectively the vehicle flies through the air.

3). High tech The video camera acting as a side-view mirror is one function that, when it eventually appeared on new cars,

I presumptively would only be a Tesla feature. It's not; Ioniq 6 purchasers may add that Hyundai function.

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