Ford's seventh-generation pony car debuts in September 2022. Our exclusive renderings suggest an evolutionary approach to styling.

Although the era of internal combustion engines in cars is almost ended, the Ford Mustang is still around. 

The seventh generation of Ford's everlasting war horse will make its debut in September 2022.

While we don't yet know the long-term strategy, it will launch in the same manner as the first generation did over 60 years ago:

by transforming gasoline into noise, tyre smoke, and smiles.

Since a few months ago, both coupe and convertible Mustang prototypes covered in camouflage have been spotted driving about. 

The next-generation car's future has also been hinted to by Ford executives, and some of those "hints" have really been confirmed. 

As a result, we already know a lot about the next Mustang, including its technical details and design cues.

2024 Ford Mustang Powertrain For the following generation, the Dodge Challenger is expected to lose its V8, however Ford Mustang customers may still get one. 

Early spy footage showed a moving V8 Mustang prototype that was audibly producing a throaty noise.

 Later, a Ford executive unequivocally said that the new Mustang will indeed retain its V8 engine.