Dodge revived the "Super Bee" nameplate with the 2023 Charger Super Bee Edition. It offers new features, colors, and one distinct perk.

The vehicle industry's electrification is a respectable step toward lowering carbon emissions and the effects of global warming.

For vehicle aficionados, it is horrible news, and it is a nightmare for more Mopar fans like us. 

Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end, and Dodge has finally conceded with their first EV despite their initial reluctance to accept the electric age.

For Dodge, the Charger and Challenger are two crucial models, thus the news that Dodge may go electric is stunning. 

Dodge will release seven limited-edition "Last Call" cars as a final farewell to the renowned Charger and Challenger.

The Charger Super Bee, the second Last Call model, will be released soon after the Dodge Challenger Shakedown, the first of seven Last Call models, was just unveiled. 

The Super Bee originally appeared in 1968, and four years later, Dodge resurrected it as the Charger model. 

You don't need the Dodge Charger to be released if you're a car enthusiast, do you?

The Charger is a storied muscle vehicle that is frequently seen in movies and is the pinnacle of unbridled American strength and its tradition. 

The Charger is one of those sedans that you can drive for weekend indulgences as well as family transportation. 

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