The Challenger Black Ghost is based on the 6.2-liter V-8-powered Hellcat Redeye, and it honors a legendary Challenger that used to dominate Detroit street racing.

The most recent Dodge Challenger and Charger to be unveiled, the 2023 Challenger Black Ghost, is the sixth of seven send-off models for the V-8-powered muscle vehicles. 

Dodge is almost through revealing these special edition Challengers and Chargers called Last Call. 

Based on the widebody SRT Hellcat Redeye model, the Black Ghost increases the output of the 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 by 10 horsepower, for a total of 807 horsepower.

The 1970 Challenger R/T SE that prowled the streets of Detroit fifty years ago is where the moniker "Black Ghost" originates. 

The black 1970 Challenger, which belonged to Godfrey Qualls, a motorcycle police officer in Detroit at the time, 

became infamous for showing up at stoplight drag races on Woodward Avenue and 

other nearby strips, winning them, and then dissipating into the night like a 426 Hemi-powered phantom. 

After Qualls's son, Gregory, assisted in getting the original Black Ghost back on the road before his father's death in 2015, 

the vehicle was added to the National Historic Vehicle Register in 2020. The Qualls family is still the owner of the vehicle.

Dodge will paint 300 Challenger Hellcat Redeyes in Pitch Black for the 2023 tribute, and the roofs will have black faux-gator-skin vinyl that is like the original. 

The Black Ghost model also has white stripes on the back and front fenders, a chrome script "Challenger" logo on the grille, and a chrome "Dodge" front badge. 

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