There are several alternatives available when looking to purchase a mid-size vehicle. 

Additionally, you have a choice between two trucks if you like General Motors.

These include the 2023 GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado. Both trucks were just just produced, and they both seem to be quite good. 

These pickups have finally received a significant upgrade from GM, but how do they stack up against one another?

How do the 2023 Colorado and 2023 Canyon compare?

Both the Chevy Colorado and the GMC Canyon seem like tough pickups at first appearance. 

The 2023 GMC Canyon, however, establishes such toughness as standard. 

The Colorado and the Canyon used to be somewhat similar. The Canyon has now developed a personality of its own.

Every 2023 Canyon is equipped with an off-road suspension, wide stance, and lift from the factory.

The 2023 Colorado has these amenities, but you'll need to choose one of the off-road-oriented variants.

 The Canyon has taken an intriguing new turn, and it is a vehicle with real potential. 

And it ought to be perfect for people looking for a vehicle that can handle the less-traveled paths.