The new Alpina XB7 packs a mighty 630-hp hybrid engine, contemporary looks, and loads of luxury features for a bonkers $145,000 price tag.

Burkard Bovensiepen started Alpina, the current premium branch of BMW, in 1962, and it closely worked for BMW until being bought on March 10, 2022. 

Since its founding, Alpina has provided the market with a small number of vehicles that promise to be more luxurious and powerful than standard BMW models. 

Alpina is a business with enormous potential despite the market being flooded with auto tuning businesses.

The new XB7 from Alpina was just released, and things get really interesting here! 

Eureka! The new XB7 from Alpina boasts a mild hybrid system that produces an amazing 630 horsepower, 

making it the quickest 7-series to date and officially surpassing the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600. 

The XB7 on the 2023 Alpina adds significant features. 

Inside, you'll find a lounge-like, roomy interior, Alpina-specific mechanicals, greater safety measures, and much more.

The outrageously expensive 2023 BMW Alpina XB7 may be reserved right today for $145,000. 

But now comes the challenging part. The deliveries will begin, according to BMW, in early 2023. Save money before using a healthy 145 grand till then.

The New Alpina XB7 Got Bolder With Alpina Touches

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