This is a fierce battle between two muscle car heavyweights and as they go head-to-head down the drag strip, the results are surprising.

Anyone will be thrilled to watch two of the most well-liked muscle vehicles compete in a drag race, especially if they are the most recent models. 

There can only be one winner in this competition between a 2022 Ford Shelby GT500 and 

a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, despite the fact that many people would predict that both have an equal chance. 

Here are the concluding (and unexpected) findings from Sam CarLegion's YouTube video, in which tensions escalate dramatically.

Tensions Skyrocket Between The Two Muscle Cars

There is no denying that the 2022 Dodge Challenger Hellcat and the Ford Shelby GT500 have an equal chance of winning a drag race. 

There is no clear winner in the drag race at the top speed because both muscle vehicles have V8 engines, one slightly larger than the other. 

Even though the Hellcat's engine is 1.0 litres larger than the GT500's (6.2 vs. 5.2 litres), 

the GT500 still has a good chance because they both produce around the same amount of power.

In an effort to frighten one another, both drivers sit in anticipation and slam on the brakes. However, neither runner exhibits signs of fear as they take off.

The Hellcat driver predicts he will lose at the start of the first race. 

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