It's one of those movie cars that arguably outshone the movie stars. Here are some things you don't know about the car.

There aren't many automobile movies where the vehicle is more prominent than the performer. 

True spectacles that drive home the significance of a quality casting for a vehicle. 

With the Ford Mustang GT390 and the Ronin-defined Audi S8, Bullitt did it right. But they may all be beaten by the white Dodge Challenger from Vanishing Point.

Throughout the whole movie, the cinematography brilliantly captures its dazzling paintwork. 

As America is pounded by the renowned muscle automobile. The Dodge Challenger looks fantastic, despite the rather confusing nature of the plot.

The four-wheeled marvel continues to thunder until the final few frames after being elevated to nearly superhuman levels of performance. 

Beyond that, it becomes a cult phenomenon. a celebrity and an icon. Here are 10 facts most people didn't know 

about the white Dodge Challenger from Vanishing Point, which has been shrouded in film legend and rumours.

1). The Challenger Is Often Misinterpreted The Challenger in Vanishing Point has been the subject of many symbolic remarks. 

Some have imagined it to be a single knight riding a white horse into combat. 

Others think it shows optimism in a hopeless world or death spreading across the great expanse of America.

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