Driving a classic Dodge Challenger should be on every gearhead's bucket list.

An American automaker that specialises in building powerful automobiles is called Dodge.

They began making amazing muscle cars like the Charger in the late 1960s and have been doing so up to the present day, 

despite branching out to make strong SUVs like the Durango SRT Hellcat and lending other automakers like Jeep their absurdly potent V8 engines to use in regular vehicles.

The original Dodge Challenger is one of their most celebrated designs, and we're here to explain why it was such a significant vehicle and 

why you should drive one before it becomes one of the most expensive vintage vehicles Dodge has ever created.

1). The Challenger Legacy The Challenger was first produced in 1970, and a second version was also produced until 1983. 

But after it, the Challenger brand vanished for 25 years before the new Challenger appeared.

Technically, even though the Challenger is about 15 years old, we are still in the third generation. 

The Challenger has been produced in several iterations, much like the Demon, 

but they all maintain the muscle car-like styling that the first Challenger introduced.

9). 426 Cubic Inches Of Pure Power More than 10 different engine options were available for the Dodge Challenger's first generation, 

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