Watch This Dodge Challenger Hellcat Destroy Everything GM Can Throw At It

Drag Racing and Car Stuff’s recent video shows a nasty Hellcat taking down a Supercharged Chevrolet Camaro, El Camino, and a C10 pickup truck.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a well-known example of a fast, potent car. In light of this, a new video posted on the YouTube channel Drag Racing and Car Stuff compares the Challenger Hellcat’s speed against that of a number of GM cars, like as the Camaro, El Camino, and GMC pickup truck. Although they are individually fast cars, they can’t compete with the Hellcat, which consistently wins the drag races.

Challenger Hellcats At The Drag Strip

A black Dodge Hellcat Challenger and a sixth-generation Chevy Camaro face off first. Once the race down the 1/4 mile starts, the Camaro manages to follow the Challenger for most of the distance, but never gets to pass the quick Dodge. With a final finish time of 10.86 seconds and a high speed of 128.22 mph, the Challenger triumphs over the Camaro, which earns a second place with a time of 11.78 seconds and a top speed of 117.48 mph.

Next, a Chevrolet El Camino faces off against a Hellcat Challenger. The Hellcat performs a burnout before starting the race. The Challenger quickly comes up to the El Camino once it moves, overtaking it shortly after. The Challenger wins the drag race after regaining the lead with a 10.61-second finish time and a peak speed of 129.26 mph as opposed to the El Camino’s 11.60-second pace and 114.17 mph top speed.

The Hellcats Continue Impressive Performances

The Dodge Hellcat rival launches ahead of a GMC Pickup, but the truck does a decent job of closing the distance between the two. To defeat the Dodge, though, it is insufficient. Again, the Hellcat triumphs, finishing in 11.19 seconds and reaching a peak speed of 129.00 mph compared to the pickup’s 11.63 seconds and 113.12 mph. Even though the GMC pickup truck loses, its performance is nonetheless noteworthy considering that it was built in a time when pickup vehicles were not especially quick or performance-oriented.

The video ends with a Challenger Hellcat competing against a Chevy Camaro from the sixth generation. The Camaro seems to be the same, but the Hellcat is different from the original one. This time, the outcome is comparable to the two cars at the beginning of the car. The Camaro manages to increase its top speed with a finish time of 11.53 seconds and a top speed of 119.61 mph, but it still isn’t enough to beat the Hellcat’s 10.77-second finish and 129.90 mph top speed. At the beginning of the race, the times and top speeds are very close between the Hellcat and Camaro.

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