The Return Of The GMC Syclone Puts Modern American Pickups To Shame

The concept harnesses the spirit of the 90s performance truck alongside the addition of a twin-turbo engine and the chassis from the GMC Canyon.

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Everyone is familiar with GMC, and many rely on them for carrying, working, and a variety of other functions. The GMC Syclone performance truck gave the brand, which is a part of GM along with Chevrolet, a high point in 1991, a far way from where it is now.

Crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks now make up the majority of General Motors Truck Company’s lineup, leaving out unique, exciting vehicles like the Syclone.

Whether you love the Syclone or its twin, the Typhoon, this exclusive render from Adry53customs on Instagram imagines what a current Syclone may look like if it were built on the now-heavier, bigger mid-sized truck in the GMC lineup.

The GMC Syclone For 2023 Takes A Legend And Brings It Back From The Dead

GMC, of course, never concentrated on producing high-performance vehicles like the Syclone, but in 1991 they truly struck the mark with the quick pickup.

We can hold modern standards and safety laws responsible if the present Canyon is a different beast. In this rendering, the Syclone’s aggressive style assumes a new identity that appears contemporary, solid, and strong.

The grille and lighting up front are courtesy of the more substantial GMC Sierra, while the lower front bumper is completely performance-oriented thanks to a low body kit and front lip. The rendering just looks menacing and includes twin scoops on top of the hood. Although there is a red version as well, similar to the uncommon components for the original truck, it also comes in silky black.

We Put Our Money On The 2023 GMC Syclone Render

It is evident from the Syclone render that this is a cutting-edge design that borrows many elements from existing GMC cars. The styling is far sportier, though, and there are several difficult-to-ignore details that evoke the spirit of the 1990s pickup.

The Syclone emblem, side skirts, and “whirlwind”-style wheels all make a statement; the single-cab performance truck is just as unpolished and purposeful as the original.

The dual exhaust tips up back with their hefty chrome indicators indicating that this is not an electronic car are further good news. It is unmistakably a twin-turbo fire-breathing beast with more power than a typical GMC workhorse.

We like the idea of another GM brand and model – Cadillac’s CT4-V Blackwing – offering its 3.6-liter, twin-turbo V6 with 472 hp and 445 lb-ft of torque. Although a twin-turbo V8 would also fit the bill very nicely indeed.

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