The electric Ford F-150 Lightning can charge itself

Ford’s electric pickup can charge other things

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The Ford F-150 Lightning is designed to use less gasoline, but it turns out that the electric truck might use more than it produces.

The F-150 Lightning’s battery pack may be utilized as a power source for additional electrical devices because of its ability to charge in both directions.

That covers other electric cars, power tools, radios, entire homes during blackouts, etc. In actuality, not just other automobiles.

Soon after the F-150 Lightning’s May launch, a few testers wanted to see what would happen if you plugged the charging cable into the bed’s own 240-volt outlet, which is powered by a 7.2-kilowatt inverter on top models. It turns out that the car begins to charge itself, but not in a helpful way.

Car and Driver conducted a more thorough analysis of the technique and determined that switching electricity from DC to AC and back to DC results in a 12% energy waste, even if the operation might theoretically last for 150 hours. If the system hadn’t already shut down, as it will do when the battery is low on charge, that is.

There’s basically no benefit to exploiting this technological weakness, much like a snake devouring its tail, but you can add it to the list of things the F-150 Lightning can do that the other F-150s cannot.

But thanks to a regenerative braking system that uses electric motors as generators to slow down the car and collect the energy wasted in the process, the F-150 Lightning is really able to recharge itself.

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  1. It’s been from the beginning of the invention of electricity and it’s patents that the ability to use one for the other in both directions has been there. Now that the world is focused on climate change big industry monopoly is going to profit from it quietly. Why do you think people that show they’ve figured out that it works they somehow disappear and not heard from? Yeah that’s not hard to figure out.


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