The Chevy Silverado 1500 Struggles With Transmission Problems

The Chevy Silverado 1500 and transmission issues appear to be related. This is made even more troubling by the fact that out of all pickup trucks, Consumer Reports awarded the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 the lowest possible expected dependability rating. Let’s examine the Chevy gearbox issues that Silverado users are starting to experience often.

Does the Chevy Silverado 1500 have transmission problems? 

When it comes to expected reliability, the 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 full-size pickup truck only receives a score of one out of five according to the Consumer Reports statistics. Consumer Reports survey data, which it gathers from thousands of drivers, is the basis for this rating.

How is this information used? Owners of Silverados discussed their satisfaction with their vehicles and any potential issues with their vehicles. After that, fair scores are generated using a 100-point scale and 17 probable problem areas. For the Silverado 1500 model years 2014 to 2019, severe and minor Chevy transmission faults are among the most problematic regions.

2017 Silverado transmission problems 

90 transmission issues with the 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 have been documented on Car Complaints. Surges and jerks were the transmission’s two most frequent problems.

One motorist didn’t have any problems with his Silverado until a few weeks after purchasing it. When the transmission surges began, the driver visited a dealership where he was informed that the truck needed to adapt to his driving style. They advised bringing it back so they could fix the torque converter if the issue persisted in a few weeks. The driver followed the instructions but was then informed that switching to 2WD should resolve the issue and that the automatic 4WD was to blame.

Another motorist changed their transmission after only around 66,000 miles on their vehicle. The replacement cost roughly $3,000 and wasn’t covered by the warranty. Their transmission only lasted for two years and four months, which disappointed them.

Hard shifts, clunking in low ratios, reluctance while accelerating, metallic bang noises, and the StabiliTrak light appearing on the highway, which causes the vehicle to slow down, are some more transmission issues with the 2017 Silverado that have been documented.

9 thoughts on “The Chevy Silverado 1500 Struggles With Transmission Problems”

  1. I had to have my transmission rebuild on my 2018 Silverado only after a 100000 miles. The shop said gm knows about the problem. 4000.00 later the truck actually runs

  2. I have a 2017 Yukon xl had to replace transmission at 71,000 miles. Cost was 6500, but called workers affair, they covered half. Ended up paying $3500. Know couple of people that have Gm 1500 series with transmission problems

  3. I will never own another GMC/Chevy product. My 2014 Sierra has been nothing but problems since I bought it used. Two transmissions, A/C went out, brakes bouncing/locking, etc, etc, etc.

    GM takes no responsibility for the known issues, so I will be trading this truck in and move brands. Never again.

  4. 88,000 miles transmission went out. Luckily under extended warranty they covered it and I’m good till 188,000 but still get the jerking and clunking in lower speeds and also the downshifting on my 2017 Silverado 1500

  5. 2021 GMC Sierra 5.3 4 x4 8 speed. tranny is cold blooded that is for sure. When it’s good and warm, 150 degrees or more it is a great truck.

  6. So probably a little more I have a 2009 GMC Sierra with 196,000 mi and not one problem with the transmission they should have put this transmission and all the newer ones and they wouldn’t have all these damn problems

  7. Ok well
    Replaced three so no more Chevys for me
    Ok one was 2016 1500 Chevy truck 99,000 miles
    But the next one was the best 2018
    Texas edition 1500 Chevy truck and this one was on a lease, with six months to go, and nobody would fix it took it up to the dealer because they told me I was over my miles on my lease they were not going to fix it, even though I signed the over mileage form on the day of the lease, so therefore I contacted Chevy didn’t make any more payments until the vehicle was fixed well that never happened, I told them if they put that on my credit report that I would come after them I was under the impression when you lease a vehicle it had to be in running condition,🤷‍♀️ So they picked it up after it sat for four months in my driveway right next to the 2016 so I had a 2016 a 2018 Chevy 1500 pick up with no transmissions, big joke,,, fixed one was a $5000 fix and the other one would’ve been the same if I would’ve fixed it but I am not fixing that with six months left of the lease ,,, that is what they wanted me to do at the dealer, The 2018 Chevy pick up transmission went out at 69,000 miles, left me on the side of the road just like the 2016 did,, so both of these trucks my payments were $1500 a month for both then truck insurance so they were $2000 a month to sit in my driveway,,😡
    So at the end of the year of 2018 I purchased a brand new Ford lariat, it has 154,000 miles on it and needless to say I have put nothing in it but ball joints and struts and tires, which is regular maintenance also six months ago I brought A brand new 2022 lariat Ford, I do own a business and therefore I will never own a Chevy again on how I was treated, this is super sad
    I bought both of the Chevys right in Houghton Michigan at the Chevy dealer well didn’t get treated the best there when I return for repairs know this is very sad,,,,, Especially when you’re running a business in a small town like we are, So upcoming of the last couple years when we have the parades in town and everybody comes to attend we roll through with a brand new shiny Ford,,, doesn’t say a lot for Chevy I’m sorry but when you treat people like that when they spend $70,000 on a pick up truck and get treated like that that’s not a good way to do business so therefore, this is just how it ended, know keep in mind I’ve called several times to Chevy to try to discuss the 2018 tranny that I was paying on a lease and every time I contacted somebody it was a round and round and round circle so by the end of the conversation after talking with them 50 times and I stated that thank God the conversation was being recorded that if they choose to come after me for the bill that I would counter sue them so what did they do they put it on my credit report so it would stay on there for seven years and did a charge off so it says paid off but still remain on my credit report for seven years, and I think this is extremely shitty, but when I go to a bank I needless to say I tell the story and because I live in a small town they believe exactly what I’m telling them it’s just pretty sad,
    Keweenaw Saunas


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