Are tires covered under the Tesla warranty?

Most car warranties will not cover tires, but there are cases where it is covered depending on what brand you bought from. No, the Audi vehicle warranty does not cover tires that are included in the car. No, the original tires on Acura vehicles are not covered by the vehicle warranty. No, BMW does not offer any kind of warranty for the original tires on its new cars.

Teslas warranty does not cover the original tires on its new vehicles. Tires on Teslas are not covered under the new car limited warranty, used-car limited warranty, or extended service agreement.

The basic Model Y Models Vehicle Limited Warranty covers parts manufactured by Tesla or provided by Tesla for four years or 50,000 miles. Their Model S New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers the battery pack and components up to 150,000 miles or 8 years, whichever is reached first, with minimum 70% retention of battery capacity (or a maximum 30% capacity loss from day of delivery or when the vehicle is placed in service).

Another warranty option available for buyers who used Teslas is aftermarket or third-party warranties. Tesla provides warranty services only in the United States and Canada for new owners and transfers, regardless of where the vehicle was purchased. Tesla offers free repairs and replacements when you report a loss within the relevant warranty period.

Tesla’s roadside assistance is available to you, 24/7, 365 days a year, throughout your warranty term. Its in-house roadside assistance program is an excellent service to have covered for services throughout the warranty term. If no loaner wheels are available, its own roadside assistance program will take your car to the nearest service center at no charge, assuming you are within 50 miles.

In certain markets, the Tesla Roadside Assistance Team will bring a loaner wheel, so that you can take the Tesla to your nearest service center for flat tires that need repair or replacement with a new one. Tesla will provide a tow train service up to 50 miles for the provider to help with a flat tire. If you have damaged tires and the car becomes unusable, you can immediately call for towing from the bottom of your home screen on the Tesla app. If your Tesla breaks down and becomes undrivable because of mechanical or technical issues covered by your warranty, you can request towing by Roadside Assistance.

It should also be noted that replacing tires is not covered by your vehicle’s warranty. This program only covers free tire repair for punctures that happen within one year after the purchase. The Chevrolet warranty covers tires with manufacturer defects only. First, Tesla sells you tires for a relatively steep price ($440, in the case of the MICHELIN PILOT SPORT PS2 XL, 265/35ZR-21 that I needed to be replaced), but most importantly, tires purchased from the Tesla service center come without any kind of hazard warranties, only basic OEM warranties (from Michelin, in this case) which cover no kind of road hazards.

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