Is Tesla charging free?

Tesla is an electric vehicle in which a battery is used, meaning if you want to run it, you have to charge the battery first, after that it will be able to run, now you guys don’t think that we all know this information after all. If told about why, friends, to make this article even more interesting, some lines were added to it.

So as we all know that Tesla needs to be charged, then the question arises in our minds how much will it cost to charge Tesla or is it free to charge Tesla vehicles? know in detail

When Tesla started making electric vehicles, they made it absolutely free to charge, meaning you could go to Tesla’s charging station and charge Tesla’s electrical for free.

Because at that time the number of electric vehicles was very less and at the same time it was a kind of marketing strategy in which by providing service to the customer for free, you can make them addicted to that thing, just because of this, in the early days Tesla charging the vehicle in the station. Charging was made absolutely free, but as the number of people buying Tesla electric vehicles increased, there was a lot of pressure on the company because it cost a lot to install charging stations, due to which the company is suffering a little. and they decided that now charging the vehicle in the charging station will not be free but customers will have to pay

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