Here’s Why This GMC Syclone Works As A Baja Build For The Weekends

A new render shows what happens when the sporty GMC pickup truck turns into a desert performance machine.

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It might be great to get unexpected presents at Christmas or Thanksgiving if they come from a reputable source and ideally a person you know.

What better starting point than the GMC Syclone, a performance truck template on which a genuine desert racer may develop and spread its wings? This vehicle render, courtesy of Adry53 on Instagram, surely comes from a good place.

The Syclone is typically seen with its ride height reduced, but what if the pickup truck finally had its moment in the sun to let its all-wheel-drive underpinnings get a bit grubby?

The 2023 GMC Syclone Baja Restomod Goes Crazy In The Sand

It goes without saying that the GMC Syclone should be recognized for its 4.3-liter, turbocharged V6 engine’s 280 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque as well as its reasonably lightweight and at the time fashionable dimensions.

The GMC Canyon, a mid-sized truck, will now dwarf the older S10-based pickups like this one, but the Syclone and Typhoon, an SUV-based model, may compete on the drag strip thanks to their 4-5-second 0-60 mph times.

This black Syclone Baja sets the standard for small pickup trucks with its authentic desert-racer suspension system. It rides much higher for increased ground clearance and rides on modified wheels with off-road tires. Additionally, the track is substantially broader, giving traction a larger footprint.

With a scuff plate in front from the customized front bumper down, the rugged powertrain is displayed while those wheels are hidden behind individual wheel wells with new flared arches.

Creating A Baja Racer From A Classic Retro 90s Pickup

So far, so good and the good news might as well continue as the Syclone is such a good base for a modification that the Baja render starts to resemble something that dreams get made of. 90s retro cars and trucks are in vogue and the Syclone and Typhoon performance SUV are part of a dying breed that will only appreciate in value as the clinical EV age looms.

Either way, the GMC Syclone Baja Racer gets auxiliary lights on the front bumper and up top, there are more spotlights with smiling faces. It’s an original touch and one that serves more than novelty value. It shows that the truck has a fun side, the kind of fun that encourages off-piste shenanigans.

The GMC Syclone always had the ability to get nasty underneath its chassis, but we can’t envision the 2023 GMC Canyon handling the desert wastelands very well.

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