Here’s What Happens When A Dodge Charger Collides With A Dodge Challenger

A clever digital artist has used his talents to create the ultimate muscle car with some very cool retro-looking new wheels.

The field of digital automotive rendering is a fascinating one. There are many highly gifted and smart artists there who frequently make some of the finest works you can imagine.

One of the greatest is Instagram user jlord8, who enjoys using his creativity to produce amazing automotive renderings like this one of a Dodge Charger. That might not seem interesting, but jlord8 combined two Dodge muscle vehicles to make this Charger from a Challenger.

A Closer Look At The Charger Mashup

The first difference we notice is how the automobile differs from the front. With four headlights—two on each side—and the comparatively thin grille with the air dam below it, the Challenger has a very unique front end. It’s intriguing since the Charger’s air dam is a little different from the Challenger’s, seeming less broad but longer. With two air scoops on the hood, one on each side, the hood design is pretty similar.

The Charger’s interior has seen the most alterations, though. If you enjoy this rendering and would want to see more, join HotCars Premium. You will then be able to see a convertible Nissan Z roadster come to life in a digital rendering.

A Longer Rear End

The Challenger is hardly a little automobile, but jlord8 has succeeded in lengthening it just a touch. The muscle car’s rear has also been extended out somewhat further; this modification is modest, but it significantly alters the look of the vehicle. The colour of the automobile has changed from the red of the Challenger to the blue of the Charger, which is another element that is unusual. Despite being a mashup, consider it more of a stretched Charger than a modified Challenger.

Retro Style Wheels On The Muscle Car

The car’s wheel design is the other significant outward alteration. The Challenger’s sleek, black, and very aggressive wheels are no longer present. Retro wheel covers that are extremely different from the conventional design have taken inspiration from the 1960s and 1970s in their place. Although they don’t have the same aggressive appearance as the original Challenger’s stock wheels, these ones stick out more because to their aluminium construction. This rendering does give off some more vintage sensations when combined with the body’s blue tone. Although it isn’t a revolutionary move, the combination of two Dodge muscle vehicles is pretty intriguing.

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