2023 Dodge Challenger Black Ghost Is Another in the Car’s ‘Last Call’ Series

The Challenger Black Ghost is based on the 6.2-liter V-8-powered Hellcat Redeye, and it honors a legendary Challenger that used to dominate Detroit street racing. The most recent Dodge Challenger and Charger to be unveiled, the 2023 Challenger Black Ghost, is the sixth of seven send-off models for the V-8-powered muscle vehicles. Dodge is almost … Read more

Here’s Why Family-Oriented Gearheads Should Consider The Maserati Levante

The Maserati Levante proves to be particularly suitable for families looking for convenient but sporty rides. Maserati was one of the numerous companies that made the early decision to produce SUVs during the ever-expanding craze. That is how its well-known Levante, which has the name of the wind in the western Mediterranean Sea, debuted on … Read more

Why Are Old Hondas So Expensive?

The fact that Honda automobiles hold their value better than the majority of used cars is relatively well known, and it has been that way for the past two decades. You’ll see that many used Honda vehicles over the past five years are still priced somewhere around their original MSRP sticker pricing and frequently far … Read more

What Safety Technology Does The 2022 Honda Civic Offer?

One of the most popular automobiles on the road today is the Honda Civic. Customers like the 2022 Honda Civic in both the sedan and hatchback variants because to its contemporary appearance, plush interior, and sporty performance. Honda spent time making sure the Honda Civic has cutting-edge driver-assistance capabilities, owing to Honda Sensing. But what … Read more