What Voids A Tesla Warranty?

You may be in breach of your Teslas warranty if you do not follow the advisory on recalls, you overdrive, you do not install the vehicle’s updates correctly, or you do not perform repairs. Taking your car to an unauthorized repair facility could lead to shoddy repairs, which, in turn, would cause additional damage to … Read more

Does Insurance Cover Tesla Battery Replacement?

Although insurance does not cover replacing your Tesla battery, it is possible that your Tesla warranty may cover the replacement. The standard A Tesla warranty covers production defects in batteries and related hardware up to 8 years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. According to Current Automotive, Teslas Model 3, as well as several other … Read more

Is Tesla charging free?

Tesla is an electric vehicle in which a battery is used, meaning if you want to run it, you have to charge the battery first, after that it will be able to run, now you guys don’t think that we all know this information after all. If told about why, friends, to make this article … Read more