Apple’s new iPhone 15 Ultra details may have just leaked


This past Friday saw the introduction of three iPhone 14 versions; the Plus model will follow in a few days. So it might not be appropriate to express excitement over the iPhone 15 series just yet. However, significant iPhone 15 rumours that describe some of the characteristics of Apple’s 2023 series already exist. One of the most intriguing speculations is that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be replaced by the “iPhone 15 Ultra” in 2019.

After the events involving the iPhone 14 series this year, the name change suggests even more separation between iPhone models. Even important features not found on the iPhone 15 Pro may be included in the iPhone 15 Ultra. And a leaker recently disclosed a number of data regarding Apple’s alleged intentions for the iPhone 15.

In the past, LeaksApplePro has provided correct information regarding upcoming Apple goods. This time, he posted a variety of iPhone 15 information to Twitter.

According to a separate insider, all four iPhone 15 models will have the same Dynamic Island notch as the iPhone 14 Pro variants, which the leaker confirmed.

He also mentioned that all four iPhone 15 models will include USB-C connections in place of Lightning connectors. Given the specifications set out by the European Union for phone charging connectors, we already anticipate that functionality from next iPhone models.

Additionally, according to LeaksApplePro, Apple will modify its naming convention once more in 2023. The iPhone mini has just been superseded by the iPhone 14 Plus. The dimensions of the iPhone 15 won’t change again in 2017. The 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Ultra, however, is expected to replace the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The leaker asserts that the Ultra won’t be an exact replica of the iPhone 15 Pro. And it suggests that the bigger iPhone 15 Ultra may see a price increase. LeaksApplePro predicts that the phone will start at $1,199.

The leaker also claimed that Apple is developing support for 8K video recording. The iPhone 15 Pro may gain the functionality, although it’s not yet known. It could be restricted to the Ultra.

Similar to this, Apple is aiming to increase battery life, notably on the iPhone 15 Ultra, by 3–4 hours. That would undoubtedly be a significant advance, provided Apple can make it happen. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max currently have great battery life.

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